<ccblreport> Task
Task to report on the contents of ClearCase baselines and generate a formatted XML output.

This task allows you to generate an XML output of the contents of a ClearCase baseline. Information on activities, contributor activities and activity versions can all be output.

Attribute Description Type Requirement
failonerror Sets whether to fail with a build exception on error, or continue.
Default is false.
boolean Optional
baselineselector The name of the baseline. String Required
outfile The name of the XML output file to be created. String Required
versions Specifies whether versions as well as activities will be output.
Default is false.
boolean Optional
contributors Specifies whether contributor activities will be output.
Default is false.
boolean Optional
xmlheader Used to specify an XML header will be output. boolean Optional
dtduri Used to specify a XML DTD to validate the resultant XML file against. String Optional

The following snippet will produce a report on the contents of the ClearCase baseline REL1 and output the contents to the file ccblreport.xml. It will then use Ant's <style> task to generate a HTML file:

    <project name="test" default="bl-report" 
        <target name="bl-report">
            <ca:ccblreport baselineselector="REL1@\Projects" 
            <style in="ccblreport.xml" 

Copyright 2000-2006, Kevin Lee, Portions Apache Software Foundation