<ccexec> Task
Interface between Ant and the ClearCase "cleartool" command, as in the Ant <exec> task.

This task is a simple interface to the " cleartool" command. It is basically a wrapper around the Ant <exec> task with the executable name hard coded to "cleartool".

Attribute Description Type Requirement
cleartoolCmd Sets the name of the cleartool command .
Default is cleartool.
String Optional
cleartoolPath Sets the path to the cleartool command.
Defaults to empty (and uses PATH entry)
Parameters as nested elements
See the Ant <exec> task for supported parameters.

The following snippet will run "cleartool describe -short" on the build.xml file and log the output to the screen:

       <project name="test" default="main"
xmlns:ca="antlib:net.sourceforge.clearantlib"> <target name="main"> <ca:ccexec> <arg value="describe"/> <arg value="-short"/> <arg value="build.xml"/> </ca:ccexec> </target> </project>

The following snippet will execute a " cleartool lsvob -short" and direct the output to the file output.txt.

	<ca:ccexecfailonerror="true" output="output.txt">
<arg line="lsvob -short"/>

Copyright 2000-2006, Kevin A. Lee; Portions Apache Software Foundation