<ccstage> Task
Task to "stage" a set of file system or ClearCase objects into a VOB location.

This task allows you check-in or stage a set of built objects into a ClearCase directory structure. It will create any required recursive directory structure for you and only update files if their content has changed. An XML output file can also be created which lists the results of the staging process.

Attribute Description Type Requirement
failonerror Sets whether to fail with a build exception on error, or continue.
Default is false.
boolean Optional
todir The fullly qualified path of the VOB location where elements will be staged to. String Required
outfile The name of the XML output file to be created with the result of the process. String Optional
Parameters as nested elements
The task requires a nested <fileset> element as input (see the example below).

The following snippet will stage the set of built of .jar files in the dist directory, into the view/VOB location X:\ReleaseVOB\stage. It will additionally output the results of the staging process to the file ccstage.xml.

       <project name="test" default="main" 
            <property name="dir.dist"  value="dist"/>
            <property name="dir.stage" value="X:\ReleaseVOB\stage"/>
            <target name="main">
                <ca:stage todir="${dir.stage}" outfile="ccstage.xml">
		    <fileset dir="${dir.dist}">
			<include name="**/*.jar"/>

Copyright 2000-2006, Kevin A. Lee; Portions Apache Software Foundation